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Taking the Road of Fine Arts

by davidyuweb Taking the Road of Fine Arts A very broad word like Fine Arts would mean different things for different fields. For example, in arts it is defined as the creation of beautiful objects; artistic work that is meant to be appreciated for its own sake, rather than serve some useful function. In education,

Fashion and Contemporary art

by Mara ~earth light~ Fashion and Contemporary art If Botticelli were alive today he’d be working for Vogue -Sir Peter Ustinov- Fashion and art always are in close relationship, and contemporary art is not an exception. What is more, with the popularization of contemporary art, the world of fashion became an art too. Luis Casablanca

Modern Art

by Martin Beek Modern Art Modern art is something that many people do not understand. There are many a contemporary oil painting that features modern art that could find places in our homes, but the majority will choose landscape oil paintings rather than the more contemporary oil painting. This is because a lot of people

Reasons As To Why Some Abstract Art Products End Up Being Extremely Expensive

by randy_harris Reasons As To Why Some Abstract Art Products End Up Being Extremely Expensive Article by Leonie Luo Most abstract art products are priced way over expectations, but this is motivated by a number of things. Since artists make up all of the products you can ever buy, you’d normally assume that all of

Oil Painting

oil painting Oil (an oil painting; a painting in oils) is to use quick-drying vegetable oil (linseed oil, poppy oil, walnut oil, etc.) and mix paint, the painting Papua linen, cardboard or wood on the production of a genre . Paint thinner used for the volatile turpentine and dry the linseed oil. The attached picture