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Framing oil painting

by meli66a Framing oil painting To Preserve and maintain Oil painting for years, some basic care and attention is needed, for that oil painting has to be framed. .The first and foremost step in the care of your painting is eliminating the condition which can cause the damage to your collection and the next step

Philosophy And Modern Art Painting

by Len Radin Philosophy And Modern Art Painting Philosophy and modern art painting have some interesting similarities and differences. Before going on, it might be appropriate to ask: when is a modern art painting considered modern? It is generally accepted that modern art was produced during the approximate period between about the 1860’s and the

Abstract Art – Paint by Number

by HELI©2011 Abstract Art РPaint by Number This artist was curious about textiles, which was her first fine art medium.She began to research other studies and techniques of the fine arts. Gathering the necessary tools of any one medium, she discovered that the talent to originate and hone her own technique within that medium

Contemporary Art In Home Interior Design

by pedrosimoes7 Contemporary Art In Home Interior Design Home interior design is a subject near and dear to many people’s hearts, just as their homes are. These beautiful homes are often filled with paintings, ceramics, bronze sculptures, blown glass and many other forms of contemporary art. These sorts of items sometimes act as an inspiration

Custom Oil Painting

by meli66a Custom Oil Painting Today you can customize your own painting right form your own computer without even having to see an artist, all you have to do literally is keep in touch via e-mail (no phone calls necessary) to relay specifications. Send your photo in via e-mail as well, or upload it directly

The Pros And Cons Of Acrylic Painting

by markchadwickart The Pros And Cons Of Acrylic Painting The 1950s marked the debut of acrylic paints on the market. Thanks to this revolutionary new paint material a new form of art was created where art being produced much faster than other types of paint. The great number of artists switched over this paint of