Appreciating Abstract Art Paintings

Appreciating Abstract Art Paintings
I am not an artist, art history major, nor was I raised around art and been an art buff all my life. But, I have been learning a lot more about art lately, and my ability to appreciate abstract art paintings has increased over the past few months. As many lay people who do not know much about art, I would look at a Jackson Pollock piece and say, “my kid could paint that!”. But in my heart I knew that was not true, and silently I liked and admired his work.

Representational paintings are much easier for the every day person to understand. You look at the painting, you see what it is, and the form acts as a beginning to understand and interpret the piece. But, with abstract art paintings, there is no recognizable form to influence your conscious opinion. Abstract art works at a deeper level, with the intention to evoke unconscious feelings and emotions. As the observer, your purpose should be to open yourself up and allow the painting to evoke these feelings and emotions.

This is not the easiest thing to do. But when you first look at abstract art paintings, you feel something. Once you allow yourself to get past the “I can do that” reaction, you will discover that your first real emotion evolves around whether you like or dislike the piece. To the newbie art observer, the next inclination may be to move on, but don’t! Abstract art paintings are not the type of thing that you look at for a few seconds, and then move onto the next, you have to be willing to invest two things to gain a greater appreciation of abstract art: time and yourself. You must take time to really look at the painting, and you must open up, clear your mind, and allow the painting to evoke an emotion.

When you first see the painting, it is most likely from a distance. Don’t go any closer! Stop there and take a moment to look a the painting, how does it make you feel? If you cannot put this into words, that is o.k. After a few minutes, move a little closer. Take time to view the painting from different distances and angles. It is not unusual to have different impressions and feelings from an abstract painting when you view it from various perspectives.

One thing that really helped me to have a greater appreciation of abstract art paintings was meeting the Abstract Expressionist artist, Lea Kelley, at the Fairhaven Originals Gallery, and discussing some of her art. When I had viewed them alone the day before, they did not have much meaning to me, but when I met with Lea, I was able to view them with a keener eye and greater understanding. One thing that truly makes abstract art great, and more than something your child slaps down, is the emotional commitment an artist invests in each piece. Pieces of Lea’s work that I didn’t particularly care for on my own, I had great admiration for, and quite liked, after we looked at them together.

You may think, of course it is easier to like and understand an abstract painting if you can talk to the artist! But not many people have that opportunity. This is true. But even learning a little bit about an artist can give you a greater appreciation for their art. And in many ways, discussing a particular piece of art with the artist removes the purpose of the painting because it allows for you to form preconceived notions, instead of allowing the painting to work on your subconscious level purely uninformed. But after discussing two of her pieces, I could move on alone, and form my own opinions of other works by opening myself up so that they painting could work its magic at a subconscious level.

So the next time you have an opportunity to view some abstract art paintings, take your time, look at the pieces from different angles, and allow the piece to evoke your unconscious feelings. Try this a few times, and hopefully you too will learn to have a greater appreciation for this modern form of art.

To see some great examples of abstract art paintings, visit Fairhaven Originals Gallery (FOG) online.

Abstract Art – Paint by Number

Abstract Art – Paint by Number

This artist was curious about textiles, which was her first fine art medium.She began to research other studies and techniques of the fine arts. Gathering the necessary tools of any one medium, she discovered that the talent to originate and hone her own technique within that medium was always there.In her paintings, Ostrov daringly uses primary colors, which are scarcely used in the United States, but are common in South American and European art. This use of highly saturated color has put her into local galleries and in addition, her work has gained many generous Awards through both local and national competitions. With her collage pieces, paintings, and creative, yet edgy photo work, requests from galleries such as Art Expressions, Michael Josephs’ Gallery, New River Gallery, Leche-Vitrines Art Alliance and Artist’s Eye Fine Art Gallery as well as galleries from the New York scene have become a mainstay.

The general intent is to find a way to express an idea or thought in an exciting and creative way. Most of the paintings begin with a photograph which she has taken. This provides an inspiration for the variety of subjects to paint. These paintings draw to the challenge of capturing a moment and recreating it in a realistic, abstract, or non objective painting.

Instinctive with the belief that these paintings will end up having an expressive quality that will invite the viewer to analyze the work and ask this question: “What did you have in your mind or thought process to produce the painting?”

These paintings have won awards and placed in juried shows in Florida including:
Art Serve Broward County, Artists’ Eye Fine Art Gallery, Art Expressions Gallery,
Artists Haven Gallery, Broward Art Guild, Broward Library Gallery 6, Coral Springs Museum, Cornell Museum of Art, Delray Museum Art School, Florida Watercolor Society (Signature Membership), Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Hollywood Art Guild, Miami Watercolor Society (Signature Membership), Palm Beach Watercolor Society, Parker Playhouse and Plantation Art Guild.

We invite the viewer to enjoy, analyze and question these artwork patterns.

This set contains 22 paintable patterns.

With over 1800 available patterns from an ever growing collection of artistic themes, SegPlay® PC will provide you with hours upon hours of painting fun and entertainment. SegPlay® PC Splash Screen With SegPlay® PC as an Art Appreciation teaching tool, students can memorize famous works of art, color by color. Children can truly touch images related to a wide assortment of subjects. As a parent or educator, the learning possibilities stretch as far as your image-ination!

SegPlay® PC is in the computer software category known as “casual gaming”. While it provides a pleasurable and creative escape from mundane computer activities, the program is simple to use and new players can begin the painting function immediately, with just a few, intuitive tools. However, the program also offers rich features with challenging and engaging options, so it expands with each user, whether they seek an education in art appreciation or just want to enjoy a creative gaming challenge.

With a dynamic and clear user interface and fun sound effects, the program’s gaming features compliment the artistic benefits and engage users at all levels. For a gaming challenge, users can race against a timer to complete patterns in a given timeframe at levels from Easy to Experienced and Expert. Users can also employ speed-painting tools, monitor the mistake counter, and track the number of remaining pieces and colors to increase the program’s challenging and addictive potential.

You can find a wide collection of tropical and abstract artworks paint by number patterns at the Segmation web site.  These patterns may be viewed, painted, and printed using SegPlay™PC a fun, computerized paint-by-numbers program for Windows 7, 2000, XP, and Vista. Enjoy!

Mark Feldman is President of SegTech, a company devoted to a wonderful Image Segmentation technology called Segmation. Segmation – The Art of Pieceful Imaging

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Abstract Art – The Perfect Statement

Abstract Art – The Perfect Statement

Purchasing Modern Abstract Wall Art online may, initially, seem like an easy task.  Indeed, the actual ordering process is very easy.  What is not so simple, is making a choice!  There is a huge selection of Modern Abstract Wall Art available, and there are many considerations to be made before making your final choice.  For example, you should consider the color scheme and style of the room you wish to hang the Oil Painting, or print, in. It is vital to select a Canvas that compliments your existing décor, as well as your own personal taste.  You may find that you enjoy a certain Canvas, yet it may not be appropriate, either because of color or style, for the room you wish to hang it in. 

Modern Abstract Wall Art is ideal for modern homes, and is highly diverse.  It would be difficult not to find a Canvas, which is not capable of beautifying the room, and reflect something of your own character and lifestyle.  Abstract Art is highly personal, due to the fact it is representational of the emotional and spiritual responses, we have to the world around us.  Many collectors find that a certain style of Abstract Art, or Artist, greatly appeals to them.  This is because they relate to the world in a similar way to that particular Artist.  The style they enjoy being capable of reflecting both their own aesthetic preferences, as well as their emotional responses.  Because, in a modern world, we are free to express our diversity, Modern Abstract Wall Art has become highly popular. Through Abstract Art, individuals can depict more than the physical world around them.  They are able to express how they feel about that world, and where better than to do this, than in you own home?

Expressing and recording what we see, in some shape or form, is instinctive to us.  Even during prehistoric times, people would decorate their ‘homes’ with Art.  Cave walls would be used to visually record the natural world around them, and their experiences within that world.  The ‘Art’ was simple, conceptually.  However, the instinct to surround ourselves with it was not so different then, in comparison to now.  Throughout history, Art has always played a huge role in our lives, recording every milestone since civilization began.  Today, many people revel in ability to purchase a wide collection of diverse Modern Art.  That is the greatest development within Modern Art, the absolute freedom to express ourselves as individuals, through a varied choice of medium. Among all the great developments, there is little, which achieves this more profoundly, than Modern Abstract Wall Art.

Traditional Art is no less valuable to society, simply because we have diversified upon it.  To enjoy Modern Abstract Wall Art, does not mean we dismiss the value of traditional Artworks. The beauty, sensitivity, and craftsmanship of the great masters will always have its appeal and respect among collectors.  Abstract Art reflects our introduction to a different level of consciousness.  To dismiss what we were before, is to confuse what we are now.  We cannot gauge where we stand today, if we dismiss the road we already traveled. To do this, is to dismiss our experiences, and in doing that, we actually remove one of the most important concepts within Contemporary Abstract Art. That is, a spiritual and emotional awareness of who we are, where we stand, and the way we respond to the physical world around us.  After all, everyone has their role to play in history. 

Abstract Art is, because of this, is a highly evolved Art form.  It focuses on our emotions, the unconscious thoughts and feeling we experience as human beings, living in a modern world.  By understanding Abstract Art, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.  When choosing Modern Abstract Wall Art, it is important to rely on your instincts.  If it appeals to you aesthetically, if it moves something emotionally within you, and creates a response, it should be considered.  After this, there are the practical considerations, with regards to color and size.  Modern society is a diverse one, and Abstract Art reflects that.  In your own home, you have the freedom to choose what appeals to you, and the individual you are.  There is no better way to accomplish that, than through the medium of Modern Abstract Wall Art.

For a fabulous range of contemporary wall art visit Arts My Passion. Art Styles include Abstract Art, Modern art, Asian and African plus many more.

Why We Love Abstract Art

Why We Love Abstract Art

As a professional Artist I am passionate about art and how I can use it to express myself. I also have a passion for nature so in my abstract art paintings I combine the two. I believe that abstract art is the art of the future as it conveys a message to the observer.

In my experience, and I hear this from my customers all the time, people are drawn to the vibrant colours and shapes. A piece of artwork needs to resonate with the observer for that person to want to have it displayed in their home. The painting needs to ‘ring a chord’ deep within, to hold that ‘special something’, that ‘je ne sais quoi’. Abstract art can be a mystery, as people don’t know why they are drawn to a piece, it just IS right for them.

Colour and shape play an important part in the overall design of the abstract piece. Some people say that abstract art is ‘easy art’ or they say ‘a child could do that !’, playing down the greatness of the abstract work. However, most abstract art is inspired work that is channelled through the artist in one way or another, so abstract art has a unique quality of being a very personal art making it unique in its concept. Abstract artists work with their emotions and their sense of feeling for a particular subject, whether it be seascapes, landscapes, sunsets or flowers. The way in which I work is that I tune into nature and feel inspired by its colours and shapes, then I feel a sense of deep calm and peace and am then able to paint in a very focussed state, resulting in a unique piece of artwork. That is the beauty of abstract art, you never find 2 pieces the same!!

If anyone has a piece of abstract artwork in their home they will know that every time they look at that piece of art it changes their mood, a connection is made. And that is the crux of abstract art, it conveys a message. It can be a great healing tool whereby it can calm the emotions, spark desire or creativity, provoke a happy memory, enable the observer to daydream or just the fact of the colour vibration and the effect that can have on the observer. Abstract art is great, it can enrich our lives and enhance our environments whether it be the office or the contemporary modern home.

Understanding the Abstract Art Importance

Understanding the Abstract Art Importance

Did you know the world’s most expensive abstract artwork “No. 5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock sell privately in 2006 for $ 140 million? It was Mexican financier David Martinez who didn’t hesitate to buy the painting at such a huge amount. The very fact is enough to say that being an abstract artist you get not only money but also fame.

Abstract thinking ? an ability to think out of box is not as easy as it appears. There are a few who have got magnificent abstract thinking and are utilizing this power by making career as an artist, a creative writer or a painter. No doubt, it is a great asset where the ability and autonomy to translate your own ideas into something tangible appeal is simply an amazing experience. And abstract art is a great field to express your creative instincts.

Become an Abstract Artist

If you are quite serious about this field, it’s quite important to know how to become an abstract artist. Becoming a successful abstract artist, you need to join a reputed school to understand the art form. It is why because you need to express what special in each art piece of yours while selling them in an exhibition. Many people don’t understand the art form and avoid buying them. If you are able to explain them confidently, they may ready to buy your artworks at an exciting price.

There are top colleges in the UK and the US from where you can earn degree in this art. To excel in this field, you can do master degree. Learn as much as you can about the craft as it will enhance your thoughts and make you one of the best artists in the world. Give special consideration to your theory as well as practical classes. Try to grab how to use shapes, colors and textures in your paintings to make your paintings desirable.

Carry a bunch of good abstract paintings of yours and make a portfolio to show your clients and exhibits in galleries. An effective collection will show your talent in this field. Planning to make a website dedicated to show your top and your latest art pieces, is one of the best ideas to get fame in this field. There are many artists who have got this idea and are now counted as top artists. In your website, don’t forget to include your credentials, quotes and rewards. Make a page dedicated to your clients’ suggestions. Their bitter and best comments will offer you to enhance your qualities in this field.

As a dedicated artist, never stop painting. Try to paint your new creative thoughts, as your regular clients and galleries where you likely exhibit your works want to see evolving changes in your work. The only way to evolve your artwork is to keep practicing. Always keep a notebook as an abstract idea comes in mind spontaneously and innately. Never hesitate to play with colors, techniques, new mediums and textures as there are artists in this immortal world who know for their own creation.

Ultimately, by following these ideas you goal to become a famous painter can take actual shape. Repeating the same line again, painting is purely your own imagination. You cannot imitate others but can learn from their artworks to evolve your new painting ideas. Being an artist, you goal should be got fame in this field. A dedicated painter artworks never go vain, so be an actual painter.

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Attractive Abstract Canvas Art Design

Attractive Abstract Canvas Art Design

For the most important rooms in your home, abstract canvas art paintings are highly attractive. They are great in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. People are expected to have a passion in displaying artistic pieces in their home especially if they are created by popular artists or ones with expensive value.  Canvas printing is made to come up with artistic works that are suitable for rooms and need not to be shared by everyone. People have increasingly chosen wall art as a means to decorate their homes.

Although canvas printing products are used in homes, people have started to use them in their offices as well. The concepts of wall art and decorative paints have pushed people to come up with a design of their favorite scenery with awesome art pieces which would enhance the appearance of a room or any space in the house. To get fantastic designs and modest trends, you can get clues from different galleries. When you get yourself into these places, you would be able to realize that there are displayed artistic works that catch everyone’s attention and provide innovative ideas to whoever takes a look at them.

It is necessary to maintain perfection to the base wall which can be done by choosing a solid and neutral color to the wall. Therefore, the wall color should show the beauty of the canvas art. These walls should not be also distracted by any objects. This makes sure that the whole attention of the viewers will be focused on the new art painting. Some people even take away elements such as window decorations and rugs from the room so there will be no other interesting things inside that would catch the attention of viewers. The canvas prints can be made fancier with track lights and spotlights.

Whether it is a home or office, it is important to make the environment attractive and lively. This can be made possible by putting attractive and valuable decorations. It is important for home makers to combine and balance the decorations. The artistic pieces should be displayed in such a way that the house will not look too much decorated and will appear like a museum. It makes sense to make a good match of the colors for items such as cushions with the dominant color in the abstract canvas art. Also, the themes that look comfortable to the eyes and appeals to the heart should be chosen.

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