Why put your fine art in a fine frame?

Why put your fine art in a fine frame?

There are many reasons to frame a piece of art. At the most basic level, frames exist to provide a basis on which to secure and display an artwork on the wall, rather than leaving it in storage where it can never be enjoyed. Frames also provide basic protection for many artworks from dirt, dust and handling, which in turn helps to protect its value. Fine art insurance can also provide protection, but in the financial sense.

When the piece is behind glass, a frame can help to maintain a controlled setting for it. This protection is particularly important for more vulnerable artworks such as those on paper, which canbe easily bent, folded or damaged when they are touched or handled directly.

The other big reason to frame a piece of art is the visual effect that it has on the piece. A well-chosen, good quality frame will complement, enhance and draw attention to an art piece. If you choose a frame that pleases you aesthetically, it can enhance your own enjoyment of the work in its everyday environment. In short, a well-chosen frame and matting ensures that it is the art that is the star.

Different framing options

There are many options for framing a piece of artwork to make the most of the given piece. It is important to choose the right frame for your particular work of art, and there are many framing shops and bespoke framers around that will be happy to give you advice on which framing options best suit a particular work.

Depending on the piece, you may wish to include a mat, which gives the artwork a rigid support to stop it bending and folding. You could have your piece matted to the edges of the paper, or alternatively, have it “floated”. Floating an artwork means exposing it in its entirety, including the edges. This doesn’t secure the artwork like matting does, but it may be done for aesthetic reasons, such as to draw attention to rough edges that add to an artwork’s character.

Other options for framing include non-reflective glass or Perspex, floating your artwork between two pieces of glass, box frames, mini mats, floating on foam, and others. Remember to leave any margin

on your piece slightly wider at the bottom than at the top, to add visual weight to the artwork.

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Fine Craft Gallery

Fine Craft Gallery

A craft gallery makes it easy to purchase handcrafted gifts and decor because everything is made by talented and creative artists. Our specialized fine craft gallery consists of handmade home decor for just about everyone. Whimsical, stylish and fun…you’ll love the art glass, unique mirrors, shoe art, nightlights, welcome signs, hand-painted glassware and much, much more! Our fine crafts come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

A good home decor gallery will entertain your imagination with thoughts of how your home can look. Perhaps you are bored with your kitchen. There is nothing hanging on your kitchen’s walls, your counters are bare, and you feel blank when you enter the room. Have a look around our craft gallery to find ways to make your rooms exciting, entertaining, relaxing, and pretty all at once.

For starters, if you are a coffee lover, you can hang a hand-painted coffee clock on your wall. You can decorate your countertop with original coffee art tiles. Place a coffee cup nightlight in a receptacle to guide your way to the refrigerator in the wee hours of the morning! The decorating possibilities are simply endless.

If you are tired of the drab atmosphere in your bedroom, it’s time for a change! Search the extensive selection in our artful home decor gallery to locate a butterfly nightlight, which will illuminate a yellow hue and relax you as you fall asleep. Then, hang a delicate butterfly clock on your wall, embossed with vibrant purple and pink butterflies. This will create a feeling of relaxation and serenity in your bedroom. And, if you are a butterfly lover, you don’t have to stop at your bedroom. Decorate the outside of your home as well – with a Hydrangea and butterfly design, hand-painted mailbox. Your guests will delight at the welcoming sight.

If you aren’t looking to purchase something for yourself, but are looking for a great gift idea instead, our craft gallery is the perfect place to start your search. Whether you are buying a gift for an anniversary, wedding, birthday, holiday, or other special occasion, we have the perfect choice for your needs. Your loved ones will cherish a handcrafted gift, and feel special receiving a one-of-a-kind piece.

Our fine craft gallery will impress you with its large variety of decor items. Stop dreaming and wishing about how your home can look and feel. Instead, do something about it. Browse through the many unique items we have to offer, and select yourself a treat!

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Is Arts and crafts Treatment?

Is Arts and crafts Treatment?

Abstract art isn’t just a combination of vivid useless motifs and irrelavent shapes.

There is certainly, I feel, a concrete restorative worth to be seen in the majority of the enigmatic marks made by the very different patterns available these days. What appears to be the much more essential choice to make is really a very attentive consideration of the particular niche in combination with the choosing of the most ideal fine art. This isn’t something to be taken lightly or rather quickly. This would cover anyone inside the wide spectrum of separate audiences: a quite busy boardroom workspace or a single office environment or place where fast thinking, quick reactions, and important choice making is required; or possibly a woodworker who returns from a hard days toil merely needing to be aesthetically massaged by an effortlessly recognized enigma; or merely the spot where the anxious and usually misinterpreted person who is slowly but surely shedding their tentative hold on the impression of facts. There’s a great variety of prospects.

Below are various suggested interactions from 1 artists standpoint:

Colour combination plays an evident treating and therapeutic role being discovered in a conscientiously elected constructed piece, so color field work, that’s evolving in global recognition, initially considered by artists including Mark Rothko and Ellsworth Kelly with their tremendous spots of empty coloration space, might increase a general ambiance of peace and quiet to an otherwise boisterous and busy habitat. With there unquestionably very few distinctions within this kind of large image a peaceful perception of immersion into subjective stillness has the capability to prevent any fretful or irregular reasoning, and even lend a hand with the adrenal task of a revolutionary heart.

Long designs or patterns by the likes of Jackson Pollock, Peter Lanyon, and Howard Hodgkin (once more, comparable works empowered by these extremely different abstract layouts could be seen in many displays, suppliers and galleries and museums), reveal a extremely beneficial affiliation, and maybe convince a spirit, full with irrational thoughts to temporarily stop, simply take in the noticeable spontenaiety, and then take a different direction. Hodgkin’s style works in particular, could be seen as dilemna like canvases, in which the viewer doesn’t have a real point of reference so is free to “start” any where in the scene. And because there are very few determined places, at times the onlooker inevitably finds themselves either regarding the element with little feeling, and as a result can unreservedly make a comment – affirmative or not.

Let’s not refute, however, the reality that many an image that has the potential to trigger a negative reaction can also be of fantastic worth to the viewer who may really experience some benefits from viewing such a demanding image that carries such a poor association. Better there on the wall compared to here within the mind. With this scenario the standard associations of reddish colored for blood and grave danger, black for loss of life and sin, brown for rot and disease, as well as stunning lines and movements found in a piece of art are mutually useful stimuli if exposed within the best suited setting. This returns to my point made at the opening – as you are choosing a picture, extremely careful consideration must be taken to be able to find that one thing of beauty which articulates straight to the extremely deepest parts of the observer.

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Surprisingly, Las Vegas Is A City Of Fine Arts And Vibrant Culture

Surprisingly, Las Vegas Is A City Of Fine Arts And Vibrant Culture

In a town that prides itself in offering “something for everyone,” it’s not surprising to find museums and galleries that exhibit fine art from internationally known artists. If you are visiting Las Vegas, it would be a shame to miss out on an engaging rendezvous with Las Vegas arts.

The Las Vegas Art Museum-For nearly 60 years, the Las Vegas Art Museum (LVAM) has remained dedicated to bringing fine art to Las Vegas.

And despite several relocations before finding its current home in the Sahara West Library/Fine Art Museum in 1997, Nevada’s first fine art museum has certainly succeeded. The mission of the LVAM is to engage visitors in the international culture of contemporary art, and to that end, the museum presents exhibitions that meet international excellence standards and provides various lectures, programs and publications.

Past exhibitions at the LVAM included both international and community-based shows, with displays by local Las Vegas artists and showcases of work by such artists as Dale Chihuly, Sam Francis and August Rodin.

Hungry for more Las Vegas arts? The museum covers almost 8,000 square feet of exhibition space and offers both adult and children’s education programs.

All LVAM programs are designed to meet American Association of Museum standards of excellence, and focus on helping visitors become engaged in the contemporary art and design culture.

The LVAM also provides a range of guided tours designed to educate visitors about current exhibitions. Each tour is led by a trained LVAM Docent Educator and takes less than an hour. Weekend tours, adult group tours, school and family tours can all be arranged.

Several of the larger hotels, the Bellagio and Caesar’s among others, are the homes to fine art galleries, and many more showing the work of artists of international reputation are found throughout the city.

Classical Music-Ten years ago on July 4th, 1998, the Las Vegas Philharmonic launched its classical music presence-adding a unique cultural dimension to the city. Since then, a variety of venues and events have showcased the Las Vegas Philharmonic’s versatility and virtuosity: performing for the openings of the high-end Bellagio and Venetian resorts; premiering “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” with guest conductor John Williams at a private party hosted by 20th Century Fox held at Bally’s casino; and playing for two series of musical performances at Fashion Show Mall sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue.

In addition, the Philharmonic provided background music for the CineVegas International Film Festival screening of the silent classic “Nosferatu.” International superstars Sarah Brightman, Placido Domingo and Andrea Bocelli (on his tour in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Denver) have all performed with the talented orchestra. Other world-renown performers have included Bernadette Peters, Leon Bates, Oliva Gorra, Zheng Zhou and Luana DeVol.

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Commercial Art Compared to Fine Art

Commercial Art Compared to Fine Art


An artist does not paint a masterpiece with the goal in mind of becoming rich. I generally view the field of fine art paintings as the “pure” aspect of the graphic family, whereas the commercial advertisements are thought of as the more “corrupt” members of the lineage. By this I mean that art is innocent in the sense that no vast monetary gains are immediately expected, although it may appear to have no limits and will readily display man, women or child in just about any perspective that you can image. They instead do so with all intents to tell a story, describe an event or to portray what they perceive as reality.

They will place people in any situation that is necessary if they can condor up the almighty dollar for it. The commercial advertisements which we are often bombarded with on all fronts are primarily money orientated and they will readily display children as innocent little angels, women in a sexual content, and the men as physical demigods, fully expecting the public to respond to these measures.

Fine art on the other hand with such cultivated artists as Paul Gauguin did not paint his “Tahiti” influenced canvases with the sole intent of accumulating vast sums of money. As for religions and people of color the branches of the commercial advertising tree will readily bend to whichever versions they feel will transfer the most money into their bank account. Unfortunately the man lived and died the life of a pauper.

Let’s consider political advertising as a topic of concern. Samples of using children to influence political polls or boast their agenda can readily be found by just about all our presidents including George Bush, as he sat reading to a class of grade school children, as well as our current president as he discusses various issues with kids. Children are a typical example of this human advertising misuse. Most presidents will not hesitate to employ children in their efforts to expand and successfully deploy their agenda. Children as is well-known by the politicians will evoke emotional responses by the people. If the candidate is cordial and hugs and kisses the babies it makes them appear as a common man, which in turn will earn him needed votes.

The war efforts were greatly expanded as the emotions of the American people were activated by such poster art as the War bond series. Don’t get me wrong as this is not a current political practice. The use of children to sway the voters has been in effect for many years now.


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Redefining Fine Art with Giclee

Redefining Fine Art with Giclee

The connoisseurs of the fine art in Giclee love it for its precision and the artistic touch it imparts to the photos, portraits, images and other artworks. For the enthusiasts of fine art, Giclee print is something that they can use to showcase their artistic taste and thus make a lasting impression on the visitors who come to their place (be it home or workplace). Besides being a perfect item to decorate the walls of your living room, kitchen, dining room or your office, the fine art Giclee prints are excellent as a gift too.

With Christmas and New Year round the corner, you can consider printing your chosen fine art Giclee on canvas as a gift for your near and dear ones. There is certainly no dearth of fine art Giclee printing services online. All you have to do is carry out a meticulous search for the well known Giclee printers and the search results would lead you to the best one. There are certain measures you need to take while zeroing in on the services of these printers. Make sure the printer you choose caters to the Giclee printing needs of commercial clients as well as successful artists with equal quality and high standards of fine art printing in Giclee. The printer you choose must offer value for your money. The Giclee services along with film scanning and economic print pricing shouldn’t be heavy on your pockets. The printer should guarantee that the Giclee printing services offered would exceed your expectations. For this, the printer must use best equipment along with best quality material available to ensure that the fine art Giclee print you’d get would be of the best quality.

Reputation of the printer is of great importance, as this would ensure you are not duped. The reputed printer would ensure customer satisfaction and thus would go all out to deliver the best Giclee print for your favorite fine art. With a Giclee print of exceptional quality, you can surely impress the recipient as well as show your class and high taste before the visitors who’d surely appreciate the prints and your selection and taste.

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