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The Fine Art Of Appreciation

by davidyuweb The Fine Art Of Appreciation We live in a world of constant carping, unending complaining, where “nary is heard a discouraging word” is long dead. Instead, the order of the day is grouse, groan, gripe. If you listen to the person on the street, nothing is ever right; everything is always wrong. Whether

The Fine Art of Hitching

by davidyuweb The Fine Art of Hitching Have you ever hitched? Of course we are not talking about the art of sticking your thumb out to catch a ride. Hitching does involve a ride of another kind, a horse. Hitching involves the use of horsehair. A hitcher will start with each hair and combining each

How to Buy Fine Art Paintings

by michalfanta How to Buy Fine Art Paintings With art festivals in full swing during the spring, summer and fall seasons, it’s a good time to discuss how to buy fine art paintings. Does not knowing what to look for in a painting cause you to walk away because you do not know the questions

How to Sell Fine Art Photography

by davidyuweb How to Sell Fine Art Photography The photographs that are created by an artist to impress upon the creative vision are called Fine Art Photographs. Pictures created to display for sale are known as Fine Art Photographs, whereas a photograph taken on a commercial intention and to earn a commission is called Art

Creative Fine Art Photography

by Kartik Ramanathan Creative Fine Art Photography   Fine art photography is an artistic medium through which a photographer uses his or her creative vision to express the perceptions and emotions developed primarily for aesthetics and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness. Classification of photographs as fine art is difficult task as there are no

Professional Fine Art Photography

by jcbwalsh Professional Fine Art Photography Photography is the art of taking the photos through the camera. This is an occupation or career for some and a hobby for many to pursue. Use of digital cameras of different grades and specifications is made for this purpose. While a common person might be using the camera