Transform Your Music Collections Into Modern Wall Art

Transform Your Music Collections Into Modern Wall Art

Are you a music lover? Do you have a collection of music instruments, recordings and other music related stuff? If you have a fortune of these materials, you can actually create a place to display your collection to everyone visiting your house while enjoying them at the same time. One good example of this idea is having a multimedia room or a music lounge. Music is art and art is anything that expresses creativity and passion. By using modern wall art and music wall decor, your simple collection of music materials can become a priceless selection of art in an instant!

A profitable number of home owners are now hooked into constructing music rooms or a theater inside the house as a place to relax and enjoy soothing sounds or snuggle with friends, family or your loved one while watching your favorite movies. Most of these consumers are not only willing to invest in establishing the room itself but will also pay a desirable amount in developing its interior design. And for fashion conscious owners, the look and feel of the room should be perfect in every possible angle. Perhaps adding modern wall art and music wall decor can give more interest and color inside the room. These home accents do not only complement the overall design but can also set the mood of the entire place. If you are planning to put up this project as your personal sanctuary, you might want to choose the idea of decorating using a long term perspective rather than developing it from time to time. If you have the budget then go for it, if not, there are also some options I can offer.

If you want to construct a cost effective music room, you should know how to improvise and use every resource you have at hand. If you have a good set of drums, or guitars, a piano and other instruments which are still in good condition, use them as furnishings. You don’t need to buy new ones. All it takes is a quick trip to the repair shop, a paint job and a perfect spot in the music room and your instrument is all set. If you have vinyl recordings, posters, souvenirs and autographed materials, you can actually frame them and hang them in the wall. If you can’t find any, you can purchase cheap but cool modern wall decor and music wall art to accentuate your dull wall. The trick in making your music room interesting without spending too much. You can do this by picking the right spots and adding lighting for a dramatic effect. Modern wall decor and music wall art are two things that come very handy for a budget size music room.

Nowadays, modern wall artwork is setting a new phase in the interior design industry. Its simple yet striking appearance can be a good focal point to conceptualize the entire room. You can also combine various accessories like drumsticks, signature shirts of famous music icons, guitar picks and other stuff in the shelf. Always remember that your passion is your art and making it a public interest is one way to express your self as an artist. Have fun!

Paul Andonaque is the senior online promotions director and market researcher of innovative butterfly wall decor,jazz wall art, and butterfly wall art for Hooks and Lattice. He conducts continued exploration for different materials and styles to improve the industry of interior and outdoor decoration.

Finding Good Modern Abstract Art Online

Finding Good Modern Abstract Art Online

The Internet has emancipated a lot of previously institutionalised items – including modern abstract art, which used to be strictly the province of the gallery and the gallery owner. Since cyberspace really opened up, people have been able to source their art directly, allowing their own tastes to play as much of a role as their wallets do in defining what goes on their walls. So far so good: but then how does one make sure that one is going to a good location for one’s art when on no longer has the “guarantee” of an art gallery dealer? In other words – now that anything can be sold as art, how much of that stuff is worth buying as art: and where do you find it?

There’s a fortunately basic answer here: go where the reputation is. Sites that develop good reputations for supplying quality modern abstract art (like Britain’s own Art2Arts, a site devoted to supplying original art in all painted formats) do so for a reason. And, of course, sites that sell art rise or fall on their reputations: so you can be sure that anything that looks as good as it sounds is probably a safe place to start looking.

Beyond that, and overall, of course, one’s final judgement should rest squarely with the art available. If you want some abstract art, go looking – and when you find something you like at a price you can afford, well, then you’ve found what you need. It is here, of course, that most of the worry concerned with buying modern abstract art, or any art, online or off, is seated. The question most people inevitably ask themselves when they start buying anything other than reproduction art (which has, in a strange way, already been “voted” good by the very fact of its reproduction), is this: am I paying the right amount of money for it? Well, here’s a thought for all those people: if you like it, and you want it, and you can afford it: then surely that’s enough? Good abstract art is whatever abstract art you as an individual find affecting, or joyful, or simply beautiful – and the right price for it is the price you are willing to pay.

The Internet has made a great stride on the behalf of all art here. Art is valued now according to what people will pay for it, rather than what a small coterie of gallery owners insist they ought to pay for it. A good place to find modern abstract art, then, is simply the Internet as a whole. Wherever the pieces you like, personally, reside, at a price you are willing to pay for them: that’s where to go. And with the whole of the web at your virtual feet, there’s a big hunting ground to go looking in.

That said, of course, a little guidance is always useful: and so, for starters, one would suggest you look in places where the art is clearly pictured and there are obvious guarantees regarding supply and return. No thumbnail can do full justice to a piece of modern abstract art, so you need to find a place that offers a satisfaction or money back guarantee. Though Internet trading laws pretty much mean that you can return anything you don’t like when it turns up anyway – so we’re back to our original conclusion. Find the art on the Internet – and if the price is right, go for it.

The uniquely non-representational nature of modern abstract art allows an interior designer to incorporate it into a room’s design much more thoroughly than a “normal” painting.

Understanding The Art Of Modern Food Preservation

modern art
by Jbeuh

Understanding The Art Of Modern Food Preservation
If you are interested in preserving foods, you may soon find that methods have changed dramatically over the years. There is no reason to use the same methods your grandmother used-see what changes have occurred, for our modern convenience.

Because food is so important to our survival, food preservation is one of the oldest technologies used by human beings. Even though we see and use many of these technologies every day, we often don’t realize how interesting they are.

So let’s take a look at some of the technologies that you can find in your home today. To understand how to save something, we first need to understand how something spoils.

The basic process is very simple: bacteria invades the food and causes it to rot. Technology therefore comes in two different forms.

Either the technology is trying to slow down the activity of disease-causing bacteria, or it is trying to kill the bacteria altogether and sterilize the food. A food that is sterile contains no bacteria.

Unless sterilized and sealed, all food contains bacteria. The food preservation technology that we are most familiar with is the refrigerator.

It takes the “slow bacteria down” approach. For example, germs naturally living in milk will spoil the milk in a few hours if the milk is left out on the kitchen counter at room temperature.

By putting the milk in the refrigerator, you don’t eliminate the bacteria already there, but you do slow it down enough to keep it fresh for a week or two. The same holds true for fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. that you keep refrigerated.

In the case of freezing, the idea is to stop bacterial action altogether. Frozen germs are completely inactive, so frozen food lasts for months.

In general, refrigeration has no effect on a food’s taste or texture. Freezing has little effect on the taste or texture of most meats, but often completely changes fruits (which become mushy).

Refrigeration’s minimal effects account for its huge popularity. Before there were refrigerators, canning was king.

Since 1825 or so, canning has provided a way for people to store foods for extremely long periods of time. In canning, you boil the food in the can to kill all the germs and seal the can (either before or while the food is boiling) to prevent any new bacteria from getting in.

Since the food in the can is completely sterile, it does not spoil. Once you open the can, germs enter and begin attacking the food, so you have to “refrigerate the contents after opening.”

One problem with canning, and the reason why refrigeration or freezing is preferred to canning, is that the act of boiling food in the can changes its taste and texture. Many foods are dehydrated to preserve them.

If you walk through any grocery store you may notice the following dehydrated products: powdered milk, dehydrated potatoes in a box, dried fruits and vegetables, dried meats (like beef jerky), powdered soups and sauces, dried pasta, etc. Since most bacteria die or become completely inactive when dried, dried foods kept in air-tight containers can last quite a long time.

Freeze-drying is a special form of drying. Food is frozen and placed in a strong vacuum.

The water in the food then sublimates – that is, it turns straight from ice into vapor. Freeze-drying is most commonly used to make instant coffee, but also works extremely well on fruits such as apples.

Salting, especially of meat, is an ancient preservation technique. The salt draws out moisture and creates an environment inhospitable to bacteria.

If salted in cold weather (so that the meat does not spoil while the salt has time to take effect), salted meat can last for years. You can read about salt’s use during the sailing voyages around the time of Columbus.

Many accounts of the Revolutionary War and especially the Civil War talk about meat preserved in this way. Today, we have the modern vacuum sealer.

By sucking all of the air out of special plastic containers, we can be sure that our food will stay fresh and germs will not be allowed to grow. This is becoming a very popular alternative.

Then there are the chemical preservatives-things like Benzoates (such as sodium benzoate), Nitrites (such as sodium nitrite), antioxidants like BHT and BHA, and Sulfates (such as sulfur dioxide). If you look at the ingredient labels of different foods, you will frequently see these different types of chemicals used.

These chemicals often have more of an effect on color and texture than they do on bacteria activity. Choose what method you fell would be best for you, and make sure your ingredients stay fresh for as long as possible!

Jack R. Landry has been working in the food preservation business for 31 years. One of his favorite products are seal a meal bags. He has written hundreds about food preservation.

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How You Can Buy Pop and Modern Art for Less

How You Can Buy Pop and Modern Art for Less

One of the most difficult things about buying pop art is finding it! Even if you live in a large city, you’re usually limited by what is sold in the local galleries and shows. Pop art can also be found online, but you have to know where to look.


So, what is considered modern art? It’s considered the art form that emerged between the 1860s and the 1970s. It has its base in formal experimentation and exploration of mediums, instead of sticking to traditional techniques and concepts. There are many different “phases” to modern art, including the impressionists, cubism, and abstract. Some of the more famous artists of this period include Picasso, Rouault, and Van Gogh.


Pop art is a bit different. Originating in London in the 1950s, it hit the art scene in New York in the 1960s. Paintings, sculptures, and graphics were based upon popular or mass culture, such as newspaper, advertising, comic books, and consumer goods. It’s usually witty and ironic and uses a variety of cultural themes for inspiration. Andy Warhol is probably the best known artist of this cultural phenomenon.


Where do you find the pop and modern art at a price that is affordable? One of the best ways is to find a kind of clearinghouse online. Don’t just look for websites that cater to a specific type of art. Look for one that provides work from thousands of different artists from around the world. Think of it as an online shopping mall for art, with the ability to take all the time you need!


There is a constant demand for modern and pop art. If you have pieces you would like to sell, why pay someone a commission when you can sell the pieces yourself? You can list your pieces on the website and have them seen by people around the world. It’s a great way to find a larger group of potential buyers.


It’s difficult to find the pieces you want for your collection, especially if you don’t use an art broker. However, with an online site dedicated to matching art buyers and sellers, it’s becoming much easier. While you may not want a certain piece of pop art any longer, chances are someone else does. Some of the modern art pieces can sell for millions of dollars, but those types of sales are usually restricted to the auction houses. If you are looking to sell or buy something a little more affordable, you should take a look online.


In closing, two of the most popular forms of art are modern art and pop art. Trying to find pieces that will suit you can be difficult. With one place to look, you’ll not only save time, but you’ll save money, too. You don’t have to pay commission or broker fees, which leaves you more money to buy the pieces you love. It’s really becoming one of the most popular ways to buy and sell art today.

Art Boom provides a marketplace for people to buy and sell all types of art, including Modern Art and Pop Art . This one website also offers the latest art news, as well as the history behind many of today’s finest collections.

Original Art Paintings For Modern Consumers

Original Art Paintings For Modern Consumers
When you want to display your personal sense of style one way is with the clothes that you choose to wear. Another way that you can make a real style statement is with original art paintings that are displayed in your home or office.

You may prefer edgy modern art to more classical paintings. Perhaps you like the hues and shades of a picture that has been created using watercolors. Maybe your taste runs toward the boldness of color that is so often present in many fine, original oil paintings. No matter what type of art you prefer you are sure to have a wonderful time because there are always new and exciting creations to discover.

If you are just beginning to explore the world of art you may want to familiarize yourself with some of the basics. You can visit art galleries and museums and see a variety of original oil paintings. Some of these will be treasured pieces that have been painted by world famous artists and others will be those original art paintings that have been produced by artists who are just beginning to make a name for themselves.

The purchase of a piece of original art gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Even more importantly you can now create a compelling collection that can be a good investment while functioning as decorative pieces in your home.

When people want to incorporate their personality into their surroundings original art paintings are a sure way to accomplish this goal. You can always select a limited edition print, lithographs or other duplicates of famous art works but why would you want to have a copy when you can purchase a one of a kind original work of art?

A lot of people have been told that original art paintings are far too expensive for the average consumer to buy. This is not true. Although you can certainly shell out millions for a painting by Rembrandt, Picasso or Monet there are many pieces of original art that you can buy for very little money.

You can search for paintings that are being done by new artists. Usually these will have very affordable prices and you will also have fun as you try to determine which paintings best suit your taste. This is a time when you can learn more about the art world and compare the techniques and final results of various painters.

The one thing to remember about original art paintings is that the picture should be something that appeals to you on a very personal level. It does not matter if you do not understand the artist’s inspiration as long as you really like the finished piece of art.

We offer one of a kind original art paintings. You will also find information on paint supplies and the joy of creating your own original piece.

How Modern Designers Make Use of Free Vector Art

How Modern Designers Make Use of Free Vector Art

If you are a graphic designer or even if you only need some images to make use of on a task then you need to see this article regarding vector graphics which can be legal to use free of charge. Back in the moment when the net was just starting, and when each document designed within Microsoft Word had been covered in unpleasant generic cartoon photograph, there were available images named Clip Art. The thought behind Clip Art was to offer images that could be employed freely in files, without having to be worried about copyright. This notion was something introduced by Microsoft, and now can be slightly dated. During the past year, the internet is awash with free of charge legal media qualified under what is called the creative commons licence.

What iis Creative Commons?

Creative commons is a licence that allows authentic artists to share their own work, be it a tune, an image, videos, and have other people use it beneath the conditions supplied. The required permits may come using restrictions such as “Not for industrial use” or perhaps “You must credit me as the unique author”. On the other hand, this is a good factor as it informs you where you stand in terms of copyright, which in case you are a designer is an extremely good thing. You do not need your clients to get involved with trouble over an error you have made using copyright.

Vector Images

Vector graphics are usually images created within applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel draw. Vector artwork are scalable, and also an efficient structure for images designed to use a lower shade range, such as animated illustrations and images.

Free Vectors to the graphically challenged

Right now the great thing is if anyone combine vector visuals with an inventive commons licence you have an entire heap of authorized images available to employ for your visual design projects. Probably you want to design and style poster, and you are uncertain about how to find authorized images to use, otherwise you need some photographs to use for the company website, but you are unsure where you stand using copyright. There are actually 1000′s of no cost vector images around for you to utilize, many of with no restrictions. So then design away, as well as use these pictures to create an innovative masterpiece. That’s what these were intended for.

Looking for more Graphic Art? Check out: Free Vector Art and Free Vector Graphics.