Decorate Your Home with Modern Wall Art

Decorate Your Home with Modern Wall Art

Mostly homeowners usually stuck at one point about how they can further beautify their home. This is just because of having large space on the wall that needs to be decorated or you become fed up or use tired of your present home décor. If you really want to spice up your home décor or prominent your home walls, you might want to consider modern wall art for your interior décor.

Wall designs or decorating your walls is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Wall décor for your interior designing helps to lift up the beauty and look of rooms and give it character and grace. In the beginning, beautiful wall arts are really one of the most expansive and rarely used types of wall decoration. Only rich and high class people used this style of art décor for their homes, offices or any premises decoration. Thanks to technology and modern science, today there is thousands of wall decoration available in the market on very affordable prices like canvas, metal, frames and many more.

There are so many factors involved in considering modern wall furnishings for your wall designs of your home like it might be spaces in which the wall style will be placed, the colors of the wall and the furnishings of the room, lighting, size of the wall decoration itself and how you will place it on the wall. But the main thing you need to focus is your wherever you place your wall art it should be the central focus of your room. If you have any kind of doubt in selecting which one is suitable for your home décor then you need to consult with an interior designer or make some research on internet or checkout multiple interior design magazines and newspapers. But the main thing you need to keep in your mind is always put your personal preferences and tastes one step ahead. Because your home design depends on what you like or what you want.

There are so many types available in the market you choose from. If you are looking for something cheaper then canvas prints or you can have the arts printed on vinyl materials available in the market. Here are some good examples of modern wall designs include abstract, cubist and impressionist styles.

For those who can easily afford high quality and expansive wall art for their interior design ideas then you can choose some historic and artistic wall art from art galleries or on art sites on the Internet. Also, there are so many world famous artists available who actually sell their modern wall designs via their own online gallery.

When searching for modern wall decoration, you just need to make sure that it is a fun and affordable experience for you. Don’t think about you place your wall décor and you will be free. It is also necessary to consider the maintenance of your wall decorations. Also, you need to take special care of your modern canvas wall designs as compare to print on durable materials place on your wall.

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Starting Your Own Modern Art Painting Collection

Starting Your Own Modern Art Painting Collection

Modern art painting is a popular choice amongst collectors nowadays because of its ability to showcase the cutting edge features of the art in this modern day. Indeed, if you are an art enthusiast, you need to have one or more piece to be able to keep up with the changing art scene and bring forth something contemporary. However, buying a modern painting can also serve as a valuable investment because the price for these art masterpieces are expected to go up as years go by. If you haven’t gotten started on your collection yet, now is the best time to do so.

The great artists like Pablo Picasso paved the way for modern paintings and art form. It was during his time wherein the art scene experienced a major boost and several contemporary artists took inspiration from his work. Thus, the contemporary art practice became alive again and there were several different techniques that developed over different era in modern history. There were several notable artists to arise from the modern era which includes the likes of Cezanne, Renoir, Monet, and Pollock, to name a few. All of these artists and their contemporaries are recognized in the modern art world for their unique contributions in the art scene that has helped shaped the face of art masterpieces and paintings in the future.

The savvy art collector is fond of investing in a modern art painting. In fact, it should not be missing in your collection and there are many reasons why you should get it instead of a traditional painting. By buying a modern art piece, you are basically partaking in an art movement that represents a specific time in history. When you collect these items, you are able to hold a souvenir of what is the landscape of the art industry during that particular era while also using it as an inspiration for future artists in the art world.

Another incentive to start your own modern art painting collection is the fact that it can be a great investment. You will surely be thrilled at the idea that you have something in your possession that could potentially pay huge dividends down the road. Meanwhile, the true blue art connosieur will have an emotional attachment to the piece of art because it reflects the artistic principles of a particular time in history. In fact, some collectors have focused on gathering or investing on paintings made by a specific modern artist.

It does not matter if you are buying a modern painting to display in your home or to grow your art collection. Either way, it will serve as a good investment especially since the value will add up over time.

If you are a savvy collector, you might be interested on picking some modern art painting to include in your collection. This is an excellent aesthetic addition into your home or office while also enabling you to showcase some of the best masterpieces of recent times. Read the guide to find out how you can pick the right paintings to include into your collection.

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Green Tea from Ancient Art to Modern Science

Green Tea from Ancient Art to Modern Science

For over 4 Millennia, the wisdom of Chinese herb doctors wound its way from generation to generation. They discovered wide ranging evidence demonstrating the benefits of all kinds of medicinal herbs. Among them was green tea, and they found many things it could help with. Different problems from bad headaches to chronic inflammatory diseases are just a couple of examples of its uses.

The properties Green tea is lucky enough to have, are studied extensively and volumes of contemporary research reports are appearing every year. Most benefits result from its caffeine content. But many other benefits arise from the ability of the compounds in this beverage to reduce free radicals. Although a complicated thing to convey, simply put free radicals mess up metabolic processes.

The polyphenols discovered to occur by default in green tea were a happy accident, tea just happened to be healthy. Thanks to its popularity, this beverage has certainly helped many people stay healthy throughout history and around the world.

Everyone knows that Green Tea is good for our metabolism, but it are less likely to be aware that it’s also an antioxidant and anticarcinogenic making it great for skin. The main polyphenol in green tea, which causes the most interest in the science community, is called EGCG. Much research is ongoing regarding this substance and the mechanisms through which it wards off cancer and other illnesses.

Considering these interesting properties it’s good to understand a small amount about the plant. For something to be a real tea it must originate from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, and it’s this very plant which delivers such a lucky mixture of substances that are healthy. How tea is processed strongly results how many beneficial compounds are retained in the beverage. Black tea well known as being poor quality and heavily processed has never been great for us, yet conversely green and white tea that have been through such a small amount of manufacturing are healthy for us.

All tea, whether black, green or white is subjected to a varied range and intensity of processing. The higher the quality of the type of tea then the less refined it will be, and all of the best ones subject to special processes that make them unique. Any dross retained after manufacturing fine quality tea is not wasted, but reused cleverly by being mixed in with more powerfully flavoured ingredients which mask what it is and allow it to be sold. Tea that comes as leaves is usually high quality. Because it stays fairly intact, regardless of how it is processed, it retains all the healthy compounds inside.

Any water is dissipated by leaving green tea or white tea out for 8 hours to a day before it is put through the final stages of production. Pan frying the tea leaves or more commonly steaming them. This action is carried out to stop the processes that might activate and contribute to oxidization occurring. This process is a variety of processes depending on the brand and how they have traditionally gone about it.

Those people with the budget to pay for premier green tea brands get the fine young shoots, gathered right at the beginning of the coming harvest and picked out first. They keep more of those beneficial ingredients.

Those with less means are still able to enjoy green tea, but shop at the other end of the scale. The powdery leftovers of green tea, called fanning, is often used in cheaper tea varieties. This stuff works well for tea bag use, and is frequently distributed as such.


It’s clear that green tea has a long and interesting history, and a tradition of being ideal for the health of those drinking it. Science will lead to new breakthroughs, and in the meantime there are many more discoveries waiting to be uncovered, but there are lots of good reasons to drink tea, from the taste to how enjoyable this drink is.  

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Before the nineteenth century, artists mainly worked for particular individuals or organizations like churches. They were contracted to do a particular piece of work, and there was no spontaneous art as such. Since the beginning of the nineteenth century however, Art saw a great revolution. From this time on, artists began expressing their lives through drawings. Modern art thus marked a paradigm shift from the old way of doing things. Artists now embraced experimentation as a way of artistic representation of people, places and even ideas, in different colors, genre, as well as forms. A story is told of a soccer player in the nineteenth century England, who against the set rules, to use his hands in soccer. This allegedly marked the beginning of rugby. Artists in the nineteenth century were in similar way revolutionaries in bringing change into the world of art. It is referred to as modern because it brought into the artistic world, new trends in thought. It arose also as a result of dissatisfaction with the traditional forms of life, such as art, literature, and architecture. This study will explore the representation of modern life in the art of the nineteenth century. Images and themes relating to the modern life will be explored. The major movements in this period will be of great interest to this study. Some of the themes that will be discussed include Romanticism, Realism, and Neoclassicism.


In the nineteenth century, artistic depictions of images emphasizing on the importance of emotions were very common. Romanticism as a movement marked a shift from Rationalism which had prevailed in the previous century (Clay 1981). Self-determination became the sole goal of the time. People were able to say what they felt through art, rather than rationalize emotions (Berlin 1999). Everything during the first half of the nineteenth century centered on feelings, and this was the primary focus of art. This movement was characterized by such attitudes as great appreciation of beauty, the emphasis of the senses rather than the intellect, self examination, emotional development, passions and other things affecting the person in ways that differed from the rationalistic tendencies of the eighteenth century. Romanticism also had a great influence in the shaping of the mind set of the Central European people. Creativity and imagination during this period were greatly encouraged (Condon 1983).

One famous French artist was Eugene Delacroix. His paintings were so popular that they resonated even into the late nineteenth century with. He greatly impacted on the Impressionists and even the likes of Pablo Picasso of the modern art (Jobert 1997). He thrived at a time when the French revolution was looming over most of France. His Liberty Guiding the People was a reflection of the importance of liberty, especially after the revolution.

This image reflects on the plight of the people during the revolution. It was a perfect expression of the political situation of the time. Delacroix was in this image expressing what was happening at the time when people were seeking liberty, which is characteristic of not just modern time but even contemporary time. A closer look at the image shows that several people are already dead, and heaped together, perhaps characteristic of the bloodshed that was the price of liberty. It shows a half naked woman, with a gun in her hand, a show of the realistic depictions of the time. This image not only depicts the situation as an imagination of the artist, but a depiction of the experience of the artist, both as a National Guard, and as a participant in this struggle. Romanticism is said to have ushered in the Neoclassicism.


This movement focused on art from the classical period, mainly from Greek and Rome of old. These artists in this movement concerned themselves with the ideal. They bring new blood into the traditional classical work (Witcombe 2009). The Neoclassicists focus on particular classical arts and bracket all else. A great example of a neoclassicist is Ingres Jean-Auguste-Dominique. He was an exemplar in neoclassicism (Arikha, A (1986). The image below depicts the apotheosis of Homer (Witcombe 2009).

This piece of work expresses great precision in the work of this artist. The scene is a temple in ancient Greece, and the large crowd comprises of great men who are paying homage to Homer. The portrait of Poussin from the year 1650 was of influence in this image. Homer is being crowned by the Universe, with incense burning as was the custom (Witcombe 2009). Some of these practices, such as the burning of incense and coronation have found their way even to the present day as expressed in religion, and political practices.


The late nineteenth century was a time when Realism became widely acknowledged. This movement came as a rejection of romanticism. As a movement it focused its attention more on the realities of life. Truth was central to it (West 1996). Realism as a movement came at a time when people were fighting for democracy. Artists in this movement showed this through their works, which mainly focused on the workers. The things that surround everyday life needed closer scrutiny according to the realists, and as a result they tended to be more objective. Realism agreed more with the scientific approach to reality (Witcombe 2009). It however does not come up with new architectural styles. One of the famous artists of the time, who illustrated modernity in a realistic way, was Honore Daumier (Witcombe 2009). He was a French artist. The works of Honore Daumier have drawn great interest over the years, from both artists and non artists alike. He was very well known for his style of caricaturing the political class, but mostly for his concern for the lesser privileged in society.

In this image, Daumier was concerned with a poor family that was in a train, of course in the third class carriage (Witcombe 2009). The family comprises of a grand mother, a mother and her boy. This image shows the plight of humanity, majority of who are poor people, who cannot afford to travel first class. This image also shows the challenges that women have to go through in their role of caring for families. This image does not show the man of the family, pointing to the condition of the family in the modern times. The three persons with three different ages signify three generations which have all been plagued by all sorts of hardships. This is very well demonstrated by the poses of the mother and the boy (Witcombe 2009). Considering that his works were mainly aimed at criticizing the government, this image also seems to be showing the failure by the government to consider the plight of the working citizens.

In England, the movement was also strong with great figures like Sir John Everett Millais. Some of his works were very controversial, especially “Christ in the House of His Parents” (1850).

This painting was very controversial because it had a religious dimension to it. It showed the family of Jesus Christ as being a working class family in a workshop (Olga’s Gallery 2009). This was opposed as being disrespectful to Christ. However, this image portrayed the toils of the poor people at the time. The working class did most of the work and yet earned very little. This was also a paradigm shift from the traditional, because the world did not expect that anyone would depict Christ in such a way (Artcyclopedia 2009). Previous movements were afraid of facing the reality as it is. That is why a more peaceful approach was the better option, but the realists confronted the reality as it is, sometimes earning the wrath of the powers that were.


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Museum Of Modern Art And Other New York Attractions

Museum Of Modern Art And Other New York Attractions
New York City is one of the most amazing places on the planet. New York attractions are not just recreational in nature but it a great place to broaden your horizons and informational hub. New York City is filled with fantastic hotels, motels, restaurants, spas, gyms with a skyline marked by lofty and elegant landmarks.
Some of the irresistible monuments of New York are the Empire State Building, the American Museum of Natural History and Rose Center, the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Cloisters, the Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises or the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. These monuments can make lifelong memories for you. They are breathtaking with a fresh beautic streak and elegance, which you will find nowhere! New York attractions are simply tempting and too many.
Museums of New York are exceptional masterpieces of architecture, design and built. Each of it has a rich history with unique and enriching knowledgeable artifacts. Visiting these museums is a very powerful experience for you and especially an educational one for your kids if you have any. Do visit these and enjoy the tremendous knowledge waiting to be touched and tasted.
You can visit these culturally rich museums of New York –the American Museum of Natural History and Rose Center, the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, renowned throughout the worlds for their exhibits. If you want to know all about NYC and learn about its history, then visiting these museums is the best option. These museums are the best means to educate children about the history, lineage and culture of New York with vivid pictures and artifacts to back up the story.
The Museum of Modern Art should be your first stop with its unparalleled collection of artifacts such as the Claude Monet’s Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond and Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, and exhibitions, which are highly knowledgeable. MOMA is located at walking distance from Broadway theater district, shopping malls, and eating-places. This indicates that if you go visit MOMA with your family, you will not be disappointed; you can make use of other attractions surrounding the museum.

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Digitizing – When Art Goes Modern

Digitizing – When Art Goes Modern
Embroidery digitizing occurs once the original logo or message: any illustrating, design, graphic as well as snapshot is actually scanned within digitizing software package to change it into a electronic digital report which they can display because of the intelligent sewing device. That scanned graphic is actually processed in the digitizing software package into a good number of stitches essential embroider that graphic.

Digitizing is often a method. In the a lot more specialized part, it is just a approach through which analog photos; textual content, good as well as switching snapshot is actually transformed into a electronic digital value that may be learn with a computer system. Do not forget that a digital value offers only one in addition to 0 so the photos tend to be manipulated into a considerably varied value system for any computer system to learn. Specialized products, for instance slide scanners, by way of example may capture that graphic in addition to alter the idea into a electronic digital graphic.

Once in the computer system, digitizing should go any time-span additional in addition to it really is manipulated directly into a variety of forms to suit in to the requirements in the individual. Particular products may be used to alter in addition to adjust that electronic digital graphic. These kinds of work out plans at the moment are market criteria on the earth regarding magazine building plus expert visible in addition to graphic design businesses.

Digitizing might be also used within crafts. A good number of embroidery layouts might be manipulated in addition to transmitted directly into electronic digital photos that may be exploded, simplified in addition to manipulated directly into kinds, collection fine art in addition to prevents. By way of example, a good involved embroidery fine art that was found about a vintage rubbish bin might be followed in addition to runs to check the precise requirements in the buyers.

This can be a good fine art mode that is certainly consistently expanding within several regions of everything exactly where craft creating is quite famous. The employment of machinery in addition to digitizing software package set up wonderful in addition to involved fabric layouts that may be as simple as well as since intricate as you possibly can. It is just a ordinary right now several side embroidery developers tend to be getting in digitizing for it is actually better to obtain elements executed by using accurate.

That strong appeals regarding digitizing certainly help make employed in fine art more fun and lastly successful. It will eventually easily simplify essentially the most frequent embroidery difficulties plus it will strengthen design techniques in addition to set up spectacular layouts.

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