Oil Painting Reproductions Uk Decorate Your Home With Famous Art Oil Paintings And Portrait Painting

Oil Painting Reproductions Uk Decorate Your Home With Famous Art Oil Paintings And Portrait Painting
Perhaps the best part is that you are not purchasing a manufactured copy of the painting. Youre not ordering mass created art. Each oil painting reproduction is hand created by actual painters and artists who have been specially trained so they can carefully and accurately recreate the works of such revered artists as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Pablo Picasso and others. Each piece may be a reproduction, but each is also unique with minor differences incorporated by the different artists.

There are so many beautiful works of art in the world but most are housed in museums and galleries around the world where many people dont have the chance to see them. Now, however, many talented artists are capturing the beauty of these masterpieces and the general public is being given the opportunity to buy these oil paintings at an affordable price. How? Through an exciting method called oil painting reproduction.

It can be an expensive passion I know. Still, there is something uniquely charming about oil paintings isn’t it? Even those who are not heavily into art find themselves staring at art gallery oil paintings, completely mesmerised. A large misconception that the concepts oil paintings and affordable do not go together. This misconception is based on past knowledge, from times when art was only found in museums and in the homes of high society people.

However, this perception has gradually changed, and as time went on, society has realised that the concept of affordable art does exist, and people can decorate their homes with affordable art alternatives.

Any form of art be it paintings is a special creation of an artist be famous or unknown created them with passion. It may be possible that in the beginning people may take up any art as a hobby or just a time pass but soon in the future they came to realise that it is something they always wanted to do in their life and with time then it become a serious ambition for them to carry on for whole of their life. They listen to their inner consciousness and commit themselves to art. They hope to become the next Leonard da Vinci, Van Gogh or Klimt or Kandinsky. They begin to accurately recreate the works of such revered artists as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Pablo Picasso and others. Each piece may be a reproduction, but each is also unique with minor differences incorporated by the different artists. It is from this inspiration that they develop their own styles and unique expression. Their love for the great masters, they devote themselves to work for art reproduction companies hoping to eradicate the misconception that the rich can only appreciate these great oil paintings.

Although, oil paintings reproductions are more affordable than original paintings, they are both equally majestic. The vibrant colours, sharpness of the images in the painting have a dramatic effect on all those who enter the room. In addition oil paintings reproductions easily translate the image into feelings and mode to the surroundings. Such as a mellow pastel oil painting will create a quiet withdrawing area, and a tranquil landscape, other scenic painting will be the right environment for an office space. All wall dcor, and mainly oil paintings, have an impact on all those who enter the room. It is important to remember when choosing oil paintings reproductions, that neither the subject nor the colours should create an overwhelming feeling to the room. There is much significance to the location in which the oil paintings are hung. Careful not to clutter the paintings, this can cause confusion in the room instead of the mood that you were originally aiming for.

Various companies like http://www.gfmpainting.co.uk are selling oil painting reproductions using skilled artists. Such companies hire artists who create oil painting reproductions according to their clients choice. Companies even offer people an extensive online art gallery where they can browse and choose the paintings for their home or office.

Just give it a try; go online and have a look at oil painting reproductions and you will soon realise that these ‘beauties’ deserve a space on your wall too. However, if you want an oil painting ‘original’, why not commission an oil painter?

It is the dream of every homeowner to beautify their house so as to attract gazes of wonder and admiration from their guests and visitors. A persons living room is the focal point of everyones attention. As such, it should be well furnished and decorated. You can now use elegant oil painting reproductions at a very low price for decorating your house. While decorating your house with some of the fine art works of famous painters, it is always not easy to find the right painting. Whether its an original painting or an oil painting reproduction, abstract painting or contemporary painting, a connoisseur of art will have a tough time in selecting the perfect painting among the many. People often love to decorate their house with the painting they want. Due to the high price of an authentic painting, they are keen to buy oil painting reproductions according to their choice at low prices.

Decorate your office walls with oil painting reproductions of famous artists if you are on a tight budget. In order to add colour and glitter to your office dcor, you can use various oil painting reproductions. Now at an affordable price, you can hang famous painting reproductions by skilled artists. Your wall dcor will become the attention-seeker for all the guests entering your room. An ordinary dull wall can be smartening up by hanging gorgeous oil painting reproductions.

Oil paintings of friend and loved ones are one of the best gift options available these days. You can also gift an oil painting reproduction, abstract painting or contemporary painting, wedding portrait, child portrait, family portrait, baby portrait, and pet portraits of your loved ones to your friend and bring a smile to his or her face. A beautifully painted portrait on canvas by portrait artist is the most effective way to convey a message to your loved one that you truly care about his or her happiness.

Louis created GFM Painting Designer as a means to help my clients get affordable oil paintings to decorate their homes and businesses. Clients didnt want to spend a fortune so I decided to create The Premier UK Art Reproduction Online Art Gallery! Reproduction Masterpieces & Handmade Oil Painting Reproduction Portraits onto Canvas. Visit: http://www.gfmpainting.co.uk

painting medium guide

painting medium guide

A painting medium is an oily liquid that you use to adjust the body of the oil paint. It can thin the paint, make it dry faster or slower, or make the paint transparent or matte in appearance. It can even thicken the paint to the consistency of cake icing! The most common type of medium for oil paint is what the paint already has in it — linseed oil. The following premade mediums are commonly available:

Standard: A standard medium is a mixture of materials, usually turpentine, linseed or other oils, and a resin. Each of these materials adds a characteristic to the medium, whether it’s to aid in the drying, to provide a durable finish, or to keep the painting flexible on the canvas. You can find various types of mediums in stores from the same suppliers that make your paints.
Drying: Some mediums speed drying of the painting; sometimes the painting will dry overnight. These mediums have the addition of driers that are tested for stability of the finished painting. Use care when you use these mediums. If a painting dries too rapidly, it may crack or develop fine hairline cracks over time.
Glazing: You can use a glazing medium to create transparent layers of color. The mixture is also fast drying to allow repeated buildup of layers of glaze. You can apply a glaze to a painting in several ways.
Impasto: Impasto is a way of painting in thick layers. You can apply the paint itself in a thick manner or you can use an impasto medium or gel. Add the impasto medium to the paint on your palette to create a thick, buttery mixture. Impasto mediums use either natural or synthetic oils and resins to give the paint a thick body.
Alkyds: Several companies make painting mediums with synthetic resins known as alkyds. These mediums are very fast drying. Mediums made with alkyd synthetic resins were invented in the last 50 years and now come in a variety of consistencies from thin to thick impasto mixtures.

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Oil Painting Tutorial: Learn Oil Painting For Beginners

Oil Painting Tutorial: Learn Oil Painting For Beginners
As an exciting and awarding hobby, oil painting is a great way of expressing your feelings about the world around you. With the help of a brush, colors and a canvas it is possible to experience a great satisfaction once artistic creativity is achieved by the combination of observation and feelings.

Artist Delmus Phelps has prepared a wonderful oil painting instructions eBook for people who wants to learn how to oil paint in a step by step manner. In this work it is possible to capture the joy of painting by creating real art work with ease.

This work is called Real Art Lessons which is available both in eBook and DVD format. You can also get the video information on this amazing eBook and DVD in his website called easy oil painting techniques.

Learn 400 Years Old Oil Painting Technique
With the help of this oil painting technique it is easy to create photo-realistic paintings in a very short time. He achieved hundreds of sales on eBay with the arts he has created with this technique. Now he teaches his secrets to you.

Once you see some of this art work created with this technique in his website, you will appreciate the quality of his art. General oil painting lessons are not explaining such oil painting techniques.

Oil Painting Tips To Help You Oil Paint
No matter if you have taken any oil painting classes before or not, you can start painting using this technique easily. It does not only teach you how to create a painting.

This oil painting lesson, will give you all the tips to free your mind from how tos and concentrate on the joy and beauty of the painting you are creating. You can take this oil painting course if you are a beginner or experienced artist. For the beginners there are explanations about step by step oil painting basics, and how to do oil painting.

Learn To Oil Paint Step By Step
Inside this oil painting book which can be downloaded to any computer, you will get 140 pages of information and 225 photos. It is a complete oil painting how to eBook pdf guide which includes the following oil painting tutorials:

How to place your objects, lighting and composition.
How to prepare the canvas step by step
How to transfer the drawing to the canvas
Up-close, the umber under-layer, and how it is done.
The steps to finish the umber under layer
How to mix your paints
How to make the gray layer and why
Closeups of brush strokes and how to apply the paint
All details to make your paintings stand out
Photos and explanations

Free Books For Better Oil Paint Techniques
How to oil painting techniques for beginners lessons online comes with free powerful books which will help you produce better results:

Drawing and Anatomy eBook by Victor Perard: is over 165 pages of skeleton, skulls, muscle, human motion drawing to help you improve your drawing skills.
Composition eBook by Arthur Wesley Dow: will help you to understand the importance of the harmony and composition for the best painting skills.

For more information on oil painting tutorial, visit my site to learn oil painting step by step

Oil Painting – Steps on Cleaning Oil Painting

Oil Painting – Steps on Cleaning Oil Painting

Those who are starting off on oil painting may get several types of advices on cleaning oil painting when it becomes covered with dirt or grime, or when some corrections are required. Here are some steps that you can use for cleaning oil painting:

Put the painting that is to be cleaned over a sheet of clean paper, in a well ventilated area. Remember to wear rubber gloves on you hands to safeguard your hands from the harsh chemicals. You can build up your painting area using strips of wood or plastic. Before starting on with the cleaning process, remember to do a test at the corners.

Now, you must take the neutralizer and apply it to a piece of cotton. Now, use this to delicately wipe off the face of the painting; and clean the surface of all sorts of dirt and dust.

After this is done, you can use a wooden cotton swab, to test the corners of the painting with an emulsion cleaner, and a varnish remover. This would help to settle on which product would work best to cleaning oil painting. Soon after you make each test, remember to apply some neutralizer on a fresh cotton swab and wipe over the area of the painting that needs to be neutralized.

After you have decided about which product you must use, you must start by cleaning the rest of the painting. You can use the wooden cotton swabs, in rolling motions to do this in a gentle manner. While cleaning, avoid scrubbing back and forth on the canvas. Check the cotton swabs regularly to heck for the accumulated dirt and grime.

Next, you need to varnish the painting with the help of a gloss. This helps in preserving the painting for a longer time.

Follow these simple steps, and you can keep your treasured painting looking fresh for years to come.

Are you able to bring your creativity on to your canvas? Will you take action step by step, if I help you to learn drawings and paintings until you succeed? Grab 6 lessons on Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Fabric Painting, Pencil Drawing, Color Theory.

Oil Painting – What You Must Know About Oil Painting Support

Oil Painting – What You Must Know About Oil Painting Support

If you are starting off with the art, then it is essential for you to understand the oil painting support, which is simply the basic surface on which the painting has to be applied. There are many painting surfaces available for use. You can use anything applicable that ranges from woods, and canvas, to metal. Here are some common options that can be used as oil painting support.

Linen: This is generally made from the fine quality fibers of a flax plant. These fibers of the flax are outstanding to be used as a hard and lasting painting used. The plants are usually harvested and then soaked in water and left out in open so that the fiber separates out. These fibers are further processed into making yarns and threads that can be used as natural fiber for the canvas.

Cotton: Beginners can start by using cotton canvas. This is recommended to use because as compared to other canvases, it is a much strong and cost effective material. It consists of an automatic and even weave. If you are concerned about the hardness of cotton then you can use a cotton canvas of heavy grade and attempt to stretch it yourself. The cotton canvas is easily obtainable in different forms such as ready or without undercoating, rolls, or stretched.

Canvas pads: Those who wish to do painting but have budget constraints can use canvas pads. These pads come in dissimilar sizes and shapes. The canvas pads are hugely used while learning this art of painting. However, you must ensure that you get a heavy weight canvas pad that has the capacity to hold the oil paints.

Wood panels: This is the most convenient form of oil painting support used. It can either be made of oak or poplar. In this case, the canvas is coated with a reliable base that is made of animal skin glue and chalk.

Learn from today’s expert how to paint and draw step by step with the help of pictures on your core subject whether it is oil, watercolor, acrylic, fabric painting, pencil, cartoon drawing, or digital art.

Oil Painting – Things You Need For Oil Painting

Oil Painting – Things You Need For Oil Painting

If you desire to start learning oil painting art form then first you need to get the items that are required to get started with the art. Once you have the entire necessary thing with you, you can let your imagination run wild and play with the colors to give expression to your thoughts and ideas. Here is the list of necessary things you need for oil painting:


Get the right quality painting brushes to make your paintings. There are many types and sizes of painting brushes available in the market. You can choose the one depending upon your requirement. If you are a beginner then you can use just one type of thick brush for all your paintings. But, if you are professional artists then you may need to buy several types and sizes of brushes. 

The right Canvas:

There are many types of canvas available for painting purposes. You must choose your canvas depending upon the types of painting that you intend to do. The canvas that you user must be primed a few times and grounded well with sand paper. It should also be scrapped to make the surface smooth for use.


You need a palette to mix the oil paints. The palette that you use must be crafted using hard dark wood, such as pear wood. After it is done, you must wash the paint palette with turpentine; and scrape it off with a razor. Before working, wipe off the palette with the help of linseed oil.


You may first need to draw the sketch of the painting on paper and then transfer this to the canvas with the help of a carbon paper.

A set of basic oil paints:

To start off you may require keeping an asset of basic oil paints. Some of the basic oil paint colors that you need to get started include Red Ochre, Flake White, Raw Umber Ivory, Yellow Ochre Light, Burnt Umber, and Lamp Black.

Learn from todays expert how to paint and draw step by step with the help of pictures on your core subject whether it is oil, watercolor, acrylic, fabric painting, pencil, cartoon drawing, or digital art.