Framing oil painting

Framing oil painting

To Preserve and maintain Oil painting for years, some basic care and attention is needed, for that oil painting has to be framed. .The first and foremost step in the care of your painting is eliminating the condition which can cause the damage to your collection and the next step is to care while handling and cleaning the painting. I think Artwork should be framed for Aesthetics and Exhibition

How a Frame should be?

The most frequent question asked is How to Frame a Painting? I say it depends on many range of factors starting from the cost of the frame to aftercare of your painting. Now the next question comes in People’s minds -should you frame your own paintings? Or should you let the artist frame them? Or should you get a professional to do it for you? But my advice to have a professional framer frames your portrait-no doubt it will be worth extra money. Framing is an art in itself and to learn any art it takes time. A professional framer will have the knowledge, ability, skill and experience on how to frame the painting properly and with care.

Necessity of framing:

A picture frame has certain characteristics and functions:

• The first and the foremost are to protect and ensure long life of your painting.

• Unify the painting with the architectural style of the room as in repetition of color style or other design elements.

• Separating the painting from the wall. . In designing a frame, the effort should be to keep the picture from running into the wall, and the wall from running into the picture. A frame should try to present a maximum of contrast with the picture and the wall on which it hangs, in scale and color and texture. As pictures and walls usually contrast rather strongly with each other in these respects, the frame is apt to be as harmonious with the one as it is contrasting with the other; so this principle is often not recognized.

• Tunnel the attention of your painting so it will become Focal point of a room. The frame should give a more finished look to the painting and helps us to define the boundaries of art work. This result can be achieved subtly or emphatically.

A quality frame represents a substantial expense. A poorly chosen frame can ruin the appearance of the painting, while an appropriate one can make it shine. A Quality artist can frame all the qualities of the paintings in the frame work and make your painting live longer and oils to breath for instance. A reputable framer would know which were the appropriate materials and methods to use in each case and this would influence the price.

Is your Framing worth what you paid for?

Each frame you choose should be diversiform with different technique and material. Framing is to be of a very high quality. Each frame should be designed to complement the work of art. The stretching of the canvas has to be done with professional meticulousness. Framing materials vary in quality, cost, framing methods and also vary in the time required for framing. Make sure you get your moneys worth by getting the best of our Quality at reasonable prices.

Philosophy And Modern Art Painting

Philosophy And Modern Art Painting
Philosophy and modern art painting have some interesting similarities and differences. Before going on, it might be appropriate to ask: when is a modern art painting considered modern? It is generally accepted that modern art was produced during the approximate period between about the 1860’s and the 1970’s. Work since then is often referred to as contemporary art, and they are definitely not the same. Of particular interest to many is the way that modern art and philosophy share common goals, but get there through such different means. Whether a participant in a philosophic conversation, or an observer of art, make critical connections or not, depends largely on their individual ability to interpret and apply.

One of the main characteristics of modern art painting is that it represents a significant shift from the way the classical or traditional artists looked at nature, the environment, as well as social norms and structures. It tended to portray more emotion on canvas. During this period, philosophy began to be more incorporated into art, to such an extent, that the visual aspect of the art is dominated by the philosophy from which the art was created. This does not meant that artists only painted with philosophic goals in mind. Rather, that the art itself tended to connect people with philosophic introspections in ways it had not done before. It made those processes more explicit and deliberate.

As mentioned earlier, both philosophy and modern art painting do tend to share similar objectives. Both attempt to shed light on the nature of the world, the self, and our place in it, and work to open our minds to a greater exploration and understanding about the inner workings of our common human experience. And while this may be the case, others feel that, in fact, there is no goal or objective. They would argue that art is more pure than that, and that whether a person is moved or not by a certain piece has nothing to do with the intention of the artist. For these people, identifying the goal of art is missing the point entirely. I’ll let you decide which side you think is more compelling for yourself.

Philosophic methods challenge us to ask questions about the nature of reality, what it means to be a self, what the ethics of a society should be, how we know what we say we know, and many other metaphysical and epistemological areas of life that people have been deeply interested in throughout the ages. Deliberate or not, modern art painting causes a similar introspection about many of the same things and challenges us to ask similar questions. Color, shape, form, and texture are simply other tools by which we are brought face to face with such concerns and questions.

In terms of communicating ideas and emotions, modern art painting has limitations just as philosophy does. Both are inherently abstract, such that understanding and application can be rather elusive to all but the most committed participant. Since significance seems to be a relativistic quality, only to be gleaned by making meaningful interpretation for oneself after looking at a modern art painting, or thinking about a philosophic argument, it makes sense that one think and feel deeply about both.

Thankfully, the goal is not to go through life without making any emotional or mental connections with the ideas and emotions that a painting, or a philosophic idea might provoke. Instead, those connections are encouraged and celebrated. We see a modern art painting – we feel deeply. We ponder a compelling philosophic argument – we are moved within. Both make us feel connected and glad to be alive.

Examples of a modern art painting, whose meaning is deeper than at first glance, can be found at Fairhaven Originals Gallery.

Custom Oil Painting

Custom Oil Painting

Today you can customize your own painting right form your own computer without even having to see an artist, all you have to do literally is keep in touch via e-mail (no phone calls necessary) to relay specifications. Send your photo in via e-mail as well, or upload it directly on the site to turn your photo into a custom oil painting.

My experience was great! They first of all edit the photo to my requirements which I can give instructions to make adjustments, then on my approval, the final edit is sent to a professional artist to be painted.

I was looking online for quite some time for the right company as I was a bit apprehensive about the system as it was my first time ordering a custom oil painting over the internet. Traditionally you would obviously visit an artists studio in person to sit for a session or two or three and see step by step how you are going to turn out and, of course, have your own input and influence there and then in real time.

Now I have been through both of the processes I can say first hand that it is a much easier time and a better experience to be able to order a custom oil portrait from home rather than having to go somewhere and pose for hours on end. And a big plus for me is you don’t have to have any time off work or adjust your schedule at all to achieve the same if not better results.

There are many companies online and it is hard to choose from as there is not much difference in quality from what is displayed on their website, so how do you choose? First I checked their testimonial pages and also went on every forum to see if there was any bad press from the one’s I was researching and I found quite a few comments for pretty much all of the above except a certain few in the quite obscure, not first pagers but ‘diamonds in the rough’, so to speak.

I had narrowed my search down to two. All that was left to do was give them a call and when I did I found one of them to have the best customer service over the phone, which was the most helpful and informative, so I went with them.

The Pros And Cons Of Acrylic Painting

The Pros And Cons Of Acrylic Painting

The 1950s marked the debut of acrylic paints on the market. Thanks to this revolutionary new paint material a new form of art was created where art being produced much faster than other types of paint. The great number of artists switched over this paint of choice and the acrylic art soon spreaded its empire. However, there were people who saw disadvantages in this new paint and refused to use this paint to create acrylic artwork.


Fast Drying

One of the top reasons why so many artists were drawn to the idea of acrylic art paintings was the paints fast drying time. Previously it could take weeks for a piece to completely dry when they were created with oil paints. That waiting time could become tedious when an artist simply wanted a piece to be complete. Acrylic paints offered a quick drying time and that was very appealing to artists. On the other hand, the quick drying time often results in harsh looking acrylic art. This is because colors can’t easily be blended or softened.


A Familiar Appearance

Acrylic art also have the ability to be diluted with water. When this is done acrylic art paintings resemble watercolors or oil paintings. They are easily used to replace watercolors and oil paint. In many cases acrylic paints are preferred over watercolors because as the acrylic paint dries the color does not change as it does with watercolors. This allows for a more predictable final coloring of a piece.



Acrylic paints, when dry, are resistant to water damage. This makes it much easier to preserve acrylic art paintings and other acrylic artwork. They also do not yellow as oil paints often do. They resist cracking and changing at all. Some may actually see a problem with the fact that this paint is resistant to water because it makes altering an acrylic artwork very difficult if not impossible.



Many artists prefer acrylic paint because using this type of art requires far less exposure to toxins. Acrylic paint can be thinned with only water and does not require any type of toxic substance in the thinning process. Also brushes can be cleaned in just water without the use of toxic substances. However, the paint itself may contain some toxins and if an artist is trying to slow the drying time then toxic substances must be used.


The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic artwork is something the individual artist has to weigh for themselves. Some artists may find the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. It all really comes down to what look an artist in trying to achieve. Acrylic paints have a specific look and even though they may be able to somewhat mimic watercolors or oil paint, when acrylics are used it is usually a very distinguishable look. Besides that working with acrylic paint is a much different process. So, it really comes down to the artist and their preference of which type of paint to use.


Nicole Roberts
We offer original one of a kind Acrylic Art Paintings. You will also find information on paint supplies and the joy of creating your own original piece.

Oil painting color

oil painting
by avrene

Oil painting color

Oil painting color is really a natural powder filling as well as plastic from the paint combining grinding. Pipes are mostly sold in the marketplaces additionally made??. The fundamental aspects of oil paint and other paints, because the color, color, that contains reagent plus some add-ons for example plastic, stabilizer, slow drying broker or more dry broker make up. Colors utilized in old masters and more from the soil and mineral natural powder. Another part originates from vegetation or even creatures.

Piece of art materials is transparent vegetable essential oil mixing in pigment, created underside in fabric, document, wood along with other supplies on the art associated with framing the look from the painting supplies created. This originated as well as coded in European countries, to become the world’s important contemporary painting materials. Produced prior to the Fifteenth century Western paintings in egg tempera piece of art materials is the forerunner. In the use of egg tempera technique simultaneously, numerous artists still discover more inviting to reconcile agent.

Color through color make up as well as proportion of utilizes, production processes, conserve costs and many additional factors, the various nature and different amounts of fresh paint types and their raw material make up ratio is different.

The actual raw materials is powder pigment offers the main component of it’s quality and content material associated with pigments within determining the value from the primary elements.

Typical colors utilized in the overall degree of pigment as well as combined with a certain proportion associated with filling up supplies, low-grade fresh paint pigment choice of inexpensive poorer high quality, lower cost, much more blending associated with reduced for filler injections materials. As well as the color used in painting the sooner overall performance, you should take into consideration the colour pigment by itself included in the greasy broker within calming capacity, that is a blend of performance using the oil is a good question.

The choices tend to be high-quality essential oil paint color recycleables to ensure the purity of the color fastness and sturdiness.

Along with pigment as well as that contains reagent add-on, depending on the color and paint overall performance specs in the production of pigment put into a particular percentage of supplementary materials such as plastic material brokers, fillers, stabilizers, driers as well as gloss agents . Wax, stearic acid and light weight aluminum pigments can be put into the stability of the pigment to improve regularity as well as plasticity. is a sales laptop battery, camcorder battery, iphone case, oil and other products based global network of stores. Here you can buy what you want laptop battery, iphone series case, painting, etc., will give you a surprise place.

Oil Painting

oil painting

Oil (an oil painting; a painting in oils) is to use quick-drying vegetable oil (linseed oil, poppy oil, walnut oil, etc.) and mix paint, the painting Papua linen, cardboard or wood on the production of a genre . Paint thinner used for the volatile turpentine and dry the linseed oil. The attached picture paints a strong hardness, when the screen after drying, long-term to maintain luster. Transparent pigments and hiding power with performance to more fully describe the performance of the object, colorful, three-dimensional texture and strong. Western oil painting is one of the main genre.

15th century oil painting was formerly in Europe before the egg tempera painting subsequently by the Netherlands painter Jan van Ike (Jan Van Eyck), (1385 年 -1441 years) of painting materials to be improved to flourish. Descendants of the painting by Jan van Ike-depth development of artistic skills to make a unique contribution to its reputation as the “father of oil painting.” Modern painting and more to reconcile with linseed oil paint, in the treated cloth or paint on wood, because the oil paint dry does not change color, does not become dirty reconcile a variety of colors, the artist can draw a rich, lifelike color. Opaque oil paint, strong coverage, so the painting can be from dark to light, layer by layer coverage, the resulting three-dimensional painting.

Oil has become the main body of the history of Western painting, paintings, are now surviving paintings are mainly of Western painting. Over time, the gradual development of painting life, most notably the “Mona Lisa” performance of an ordinary woman and widely circulated. The late 19th century, due to technological development, many new materials used in oil fields, such as acrylic paints, paint and so on.

Nowadays, the paintings which export to the overseas can be classified into 3 classes: high, medium and low quality, which can be measured by canvas, color, picture composition, coloring and finess. is a sales laptop battery, camcorder battery, iphone case, oil and other products based global network of stores. Here you can buy what you want laptop battery, iphone series case, painting, etc., will give you a surprise place.